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PRESTIDGE beaute’ Active Organics are lovingly made in my Brooklyn home-lab employing Reiki techniques. They are carefully crafted by hand with the finest ingredients, guided by my years as an esthetician, decades as a makeup artist working with celebrities, global brands & beauty giants, and inspired by my desire to create a line of organic skin care products that yield stunning results that I have yet to encounter anywhere else.

I guess my obsession started when I was forty, about to give birth, the economy had tanked, my skin was starting to change, and I suddenly realized that I was ready to make the 'organic serum of my dreams'! I wanted something that truly worked. Something I could use on my whole family, as well as all of my clients of any age and with all different skin needs: from healing rashes on toddler skin, acne on teenagers or reducing blotchy tones and puffy under-eye pillows to firming, plumping, and tightening mature skin or getting the perfect balance for oily, dry, and sensitive skin types. In the world of excess, I wanted one single universal serum to address and treat it all...and then the little love of my life entered the world...long pause!

It took several moves, and surviving my husband’s near fatal/life-altering accident, coupled with lots of therapy over the course of roughly seven years or so…when I found myself in the kitchen helping my husband make a cannabis salve (to help quell his nerve pain), which was the catalyst that lead to my first product.

Having done so much research years prior while pregnant (coupled with an aromatherapy class I was taking) the rest of the line flowed out of me rather seamlessly. I made two or three incarnations of each product–testing on my models, celebrities, and industry friends along the way–and then I arrived at the perfect blend(s). 

My mission was to create products that produced notable results that I could see Immediately, and I can wholeheartedly say that what I've experienced personally and witnessed on others thus far hinges on-dare I say "magical"! As I draw ever nearer to 50, in the space of time since creating this line-my face looks very noticeably lifted, plumped & firmed and is baby soft to the touch.  My fine lines have all but disappeared, the ruddiness around my nose and chin has faded, and my peri-acne has cleared up entirely-thanks to my Ageless Skin Serum (used in tandem with Healing Salve to treat flair-ups).  

Ageless Skin Serum is for all ages and skin types (including wee ones).

Scared Tonic keeps my skin hydrated, toned & freshened as it elevates my spirit & resets my mood. 

Healing Salve-within a day or two-completely heals my breakouts + acne flair-ups, rashes of any sort-and is the sole calming & healing treatment for my daughter's many boo-boos and skin irritations.

Under Amour Deodorant keeps me fresh naturally, despite my exhilarating hot-flashes & the high humidity in NY. 

And last but not least...

Lip Repair has soothed, healed, and kept my family, friends and every client within arms-reach lips sealed with moisture and organic goodness. 

Only the highest quality natural, wildcrafted and organic ingredients are used from conscious growers across the globe. All of my products are made in the US from domestic and imported components never containing parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, PEGs, or SLSs.
My genuine hope is to share this healing line with all of you!